Fifties Silvertone Electric

This is a Silvertone electric model. The original pickup didn't work so I replaced it with a Kent Armstrong baby humbucker. It fit without any modification. It sounds quite nice. Good clean typical Gibsonesque jazz tone.

As you can see the guitar has been played extensively and the finish is quite worn on the top especially.   The pick guard has obviously been gone for much of the life of this instrument because the finish is worn away where the pick guard should have been from what I would call sloppy playing.  The only thing good about all that wear is that the guitar has a soft mellow sweet sound from it's extensive use.  The frets are still in good shape.  There is no need for fret work.

Acoustically it has a deep, deep bottom end. It is a good playing guitar. The neck is also straight as a pin with nice low action with no buzzes. There are no problems with this guitar. Everything you need is there.

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