Early Fifties Hofner Committee

Real nice looking and playing Hofner Committee from the early fifties. It has good looking multiple binding around the body instead of the more common pearloid binding you see on most Committees. Maybe someone can tell me what year they changed over to pearloid. Neck is straight and it plays well with good sustain. Neck has good figure to it as well.

With one of my DeArmond 1100 pickups on it, it sounds great. I have played it out on gigs and it does a wonderful job. At one time in its past it had a pickup on it with a volume knob mounted in the lower right of the body. The hole has been plugged and it was done well. It is hard to see even up close. If you are anal and want to focus on it you can see it quite plainly but it does not stick out at you if you are just enjoying everything else about this fine Committee. Picture number six shows the plug.

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