Early Sixties Silvertone Kay Guitar

This silvertone is from the early sixties but it's condition is as if it is two or three years old (another closet classic).  I didn't like the original bridge it had on it (I still have it somewhere) so I put an old tunamatic on it.  It has a Gibson sized neck on it similar to a sixties Les Paul neck.  The neck is straight as a pin.  I didn't have to get it re-set.  It is near the end of the production of these guitars because there were only a few made to my knowledge (?) with the thinner necks right before Kay quit making archtops.  All the rest of my Kay guitars have the typical baseball bat sized neck.   For some reason I have learned to like those big necks.  They make you approach your playing just different enough that it adds a new perspective to your phrasing abilities that transfer back to your smaller necks.  

This is an exceptional playing and sounding guitar.  It has the clean full mellow sound of a Gibson archtop.  I had an L-7 that didn't sound as good.  It has a richness to it that usually only comes from a full solid wood guitar.  It has a beautiful tight grained solid top so that must be why the sound is so good.  Since I am no expert on the history of the Kay guitars any added history would be appreciated.

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