2006 Eastman MD615

I bought this mandolin to play while I had my Gibson F5-V worked on.  I ended up only using it on one gig.  Now that I have my Gibson back I don’t play the Eastman any more.  I guess I was looking for an excuse to try an Eastman mandolin.

It is a well made solid wood good quality instrument. It is basically new. It has a good resonant back on it. It has good sustain as well. The tone is good but not as refined as my Gibson. I think it needs to be played for a while to get its full voice. It is better than the Michael Kellys and the Kentuckys. Out of curiosity I have tried both.

It is not an F5-V. It is a spare so if anything does happen to my F5-V that requires me to have it worked on this would be there for me. But I guess I would sell it as well for the right price though and take my chances on my Gibson. Time will tell its fate. It finally got sold.

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