Fender Five String Electric Mandolin FM-60E

Nice Fender Five String Mandolin.  Plays well with no problems.  Same fourteen inch scale as my acoustic mandolins.  

I have a mandola and my mandolins.  I will put up my mandola on to this website soon.  For you who are not as familiar with the mandolin family the mandolin is tuned (G-D-A-E) and the mandola is tuned (C-G-D-A).  The two instruments overlap by one string higher (E) on the mandolin and one string lower (C) on the mandola.  Both instruments share the exact same (G-D-A) strings.

This five string mandolin is actually both instruments the mandolin and mandola combined.  I guess you could call it a mandolinola.  It is tuned (C-G-D-A-E).  The added fifth "C" string offers an extended low-end range, which provides the flexibility of enhanced solo work and a wider possible array of chord voicing's. 

The FM-60E has a chambered body with a flame maple top with a sunburst finish, and solid basswood sides and back. It also features a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, dual single coil pickups and master volume and tone controls.

This has been sold.

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