Fifties Blonde Kay

I don't want to wear out the saying closet classic but I will have to say that this is also a closet classic (sorry).  It is the most original complete Kay guitar I own.  It is all original.   It is rare to get one that is all original.  As you collectors know bridges and pick guards are commonly replaced.  Especially the pick guards, you just don't see them as much as you would like.  

One thing about the Kay guitars is that most of them are loud.  They will drown out almost all of my most well made beautiful sounding archtops when playing unplugged.  They do not sound better but when I am jamming with my latest rare acquisition and this old Kay that I let my friend play drowns me out it irks me.  So what if you sound better if no one can hear to tell.  

They have a quite acceptable full lead tone.  That tone goes a long way to make up for the fine nuances of a fully hand carved vintage instrument that is not as loud but sounds better.  It makes sense when you are jamming.

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