Hofner 470

This is an exquisite Hofner 470 acoustic. Alas it is not a Golden but it is my (imaginary) Golden. Ha!! Unless a miracle happens it is as close as I will probably get to a Golden.

It also has a beautiful full balanced sound with great resonance and sustain. It is a remarkable guitar. Some guitars are just put together right. They sound good; they look good and play good. You have to go through a lot of guitars to find that right combination. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up for the first time.

For you who are still learning about Hofners this is about as close to looking at a Golden as you can get without looking at a Golden. Of course the legendary Goldens were 18 inches across the lower bout and had the fondrose headstock that you see on some of my other Hofners, which makes the Golden even more magnificent.

If you superimpose this 470 trim and wood quality with the size of my 63 and fondrose headstock of my 58 you can almost see a Hofner Golden. Just shut your eyes and try. If that doesn’t work just go to Steve Russell's website and look at one. It is also like the even more rare and legendary Hofner Committee Deluxe.

Here go check them out.


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