Kay P-4 (K-11)

I have three other K-11 guitars. This guitar is labeled P-4 on the inside but it is totally a K-11 but with a P-4 fret board. It must have been made this way to use up old parts. It is the cleanest K-11/P-4 that I have ever seen. It has only a few small scratches on it here and there. The K-11s are usually beat up because in my opinion they were played so much. The K-11 model usually has a very good full resonant sound. This one is no exception.

This guitar also has a slimmer neck than the other K-11 guitars that I own. It is quite similar to a 50's Gibson neck which is my favorite neck thickness. This one also has the Burns Gearbox truss rod adjustment system. It seems it is a copy if not licensed from Burns of their geared truss rod system. You put a 1/4 inch drum key in the base of the neck and turn the key to straighten the neck. You can see the hole in the base of the neck in pictures two, four and five.

Unfortunately this guitar has a loose neck and it will need a neck re-set. Even though the neck is straight the fret board is curved up at the extension over the body because the loose neck is slanted up just enough to screw up the upper register. I will be taking it to the luthier to be fixed. It is amazing how good these guitars sound and play. With a neck re-set this guitar will be one of the best in my Kay collection.



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