Fifties Lang With Smaller Cutaway

Wow what a beautiful guitar. I believe it is from the fifties. Maybe someone who knows more about these beautiful guitars could tell me differently but from what I have read of them I will say from the fifties until proven otherwise.

It has that typical tight Lang sound that is so desirable. The neck is nice and straight. The body is in great condition with little scratches or dings. It is all complete and all original.

What a joy to play. It has that resonance that goes through the whole body when you play it. When playing lead lines the notes sustain very nicely as well. Some archtops seem to resonate louder or softer on different notes but this one seems to resonate evenly on all notes. Artur I would thank you for another beautiful creation if I could.

I took waaaaay too many pictures because I like the guitar so much. Hope you enjoy looking at them.



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