Otwin Archtop Guitar

This is a beautiful looking guitar.  I took lots of pictures of it.  The light was good and it went easy so I didn't stop.   It has a great sound. It is deep and full. When playing open chords it sounds more like a flattop. When playing chords or leads up the neck it sounds like the archtop it is.

It had a dual pickup system on it when I got it but only one pickup worked so I carefully removed it all and put it all away.  I am having a repro pick-guard made just like the original minus the holes for the electronics.   If anyone knows someone who could do a good job of restoring the electronics let me know.

I bought the Otwin from Günter Amendt who runs the website http://banjoworld.de/

If you like German archtops look at this page. http://banjoworld.de/Gindex.htm.  

I wish I would have known about his site a few years back before he sold some of those beauties. WOW!!!  

Another reason I bought it was I wanted to experience the "German carve".  It is a neat design concept first seen on Roger guitars.  It seems to bring out the bottom end a bit more.  I have a Roger blonde also on my Archtops page.

I have the copies of the original small photos that Mr. Amendt took of guitar with the pickup system still on it right here.  I didn't want to put all the electronics back on just to take pictures of it.  It is more beautiful without the electronics.  

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