Roustin Out The Devil    Hoagy Music © 2008

This song was recorded with us playing live in the base players studio.  The bass player on this track is Jerry Farrington.  He is also a great guitarist as well.  He and I have been writing songs together for several years.  I will be posting some of our music.  I am jealous because I can't play bass like he can.  

The tracks were recorded at Jerry's studio and then mixed at my studio.  I put a little bit of delay and some reverb on the guitar track but other than that I just cranked my amp and played it with the amps natural distortion.  I used a 50 watt Vox AVT and an 82 Stratocaster.  

The drummer is Bill Glover. He was the original Petra drummer and is still a great drummer to this day with those fat beefy drum chops.  It is a pleasure to still call on him to play when I need great live drums.

Roustin Out The Devil is a little Beckish, Claptonish and Vaughnish.  It takes me back to my Petra days when we played concerts many nights in a row and would jam for the crowds.  The song was done in one take but I did tweak a few bloopers out of the guitar track.

Pictures of my Strat can be found by clicking the Strat picture below.

I hope you enjoy Roustin Out The Devil   Mp3


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