82 Strat (Sort Of)

Here is my Strat. It has a 5A curly maple neck on it and a hollow body. The only thing still 82 about it is the hardware.

First I replaced the neck and loved it. I played my Strat so much that I had the frets re-dressed twice in ten years on the stock Fender neck. This Warmouth neck has stainless steel frets on it. The frets are harder than the strings so as of yet I haven't been able to detect any fret wear at all in a year and a half.

Then the guys at Warmouth kept telling me about the hollow Strat body they made. It is great. It has a ton of sustain and resonance and it has a deeper fatter tone. The pickups are Fender hot noiseless. The decal on the headstock is from eBay.



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